ABOUT Prem Rawat ...

PREM RAWAT has been presenting the possibility of inner peace to people since he was a young child.

Born in northern India in 1957, Prem Rawat was given the title "Maharaji" - meaning "Great Teacher" - at an early age, in recognition of his ability to impart this special gift to human beings. For the last 40 years, he has worked non-stop in bringing this message to millions of people around the world.

Prem Rawat's message transcends race, culture and creed - pointing out an essential thirst that resides in the hearts of all humans.  Today, hundreds of thousands of people from all walks of life benefit from the joy and fulfillment brought about by this simple connection to their own hearts.

Prem Rawat, over the last 3 decades has introduced more than five million people in 250 cities to the possibility of inner peace. He is the featured speaker at public events held on a regular basis in major cities throughout the world.  For a schedule of Prem Rawat's public events, webcasts & livestream video presentations, please visit WORDS OF PEACE GLOBAL


ABOUT Prem Rawat's message ...

Prem Rawat: preparation and instruction on inner peace.

"Peace is innate. It is within all of us. But before we can actually feel peace, we need to feel the thirst for peace."

This thirst is independent of beliefs, philosophies or concepts.  It is felt by people of all cultures, religions and societies. This journey of inner discovery is unique and self-paced for each individual.

More information about Prem Rawat's teachings can be found at WORDS OF PEACE GLOBAL (www.wopg.org), or The Prem Rawat Foundation, TPRF.ORG.  Prem Rawat's personal website, PREMRAWAT.COM, has short video updates with his personal reflections on peace, in the context of his international travels.

ABOUT WordPaint ...

WORDPAINT showcases the work of Prem Rawat.

We present words of beauty in an environment of beauty. WordPaint started in June 2003 with a single article that Prem Rawat had written for the India Times, called “Give Peace A Chance”.  It was during the time that conflicts in the Middle East were intensifying.  Prem Rawat addressed the issue of wars on the outside being a consequence of wars on the inside. This central theme permeates his message: if you find peace in your inner world, it will begin to create peace in the outer world.

Today WordPaint features more than 50 excerpts of Prem Rawat's presentations, translated into a variety of languages.  We hope you enjoy your visit here and have found substance and value.

WordPaint is staffed by volunteers and translators who enjoy Prem Rawat's message - and even more - enjoy the possibility of sharing this message with other human beings.  World peace happens one human at a time.  If you’re interested in contributing to the maintenance or translation of WordPaint, please VISIT THIS LINK for more information.  For Comments, Feedback or Technical issues please visit THIS PAGE.

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