For more information on the teachings of Prem Rawat:

Link to Prem Rawat's personal Website


Prem Rawat's personal website:  A new perspective on peace.

In Prem's own words, a guide to finding what you need to help you on the journey of Self-Knowledge.



Link to Prem Rawat's personal Website


TIMELESSTODAY.COM is the one-stop doorway into all of Prem Rawat's offerings on Inner Peace.  Watch short intro videos.  Download the Timeless Today App for tablets and smartphones.  Media, music, videos, audio and information all the latest events and live-stream offerings.



Link to Prem Rawat's personal Website

The Prem Rawat Foundation

The Prem Rawat Foundation is focused on bringing Peace, Dignity and Prosperity to some of the world's most challanged areas, in terms of Disaster Relief,  Eye Clinics,  Food for Peace programs and other projects based on building and strengthening human beings in their native regions.



Link to Prem Rawat's personal Website

Words of Peace Global

Words of Peace Global is the Event Portal with information on Prem Rawat's current world tours, live events and links to the WOPG YouTube Channel, which offers two years of archived, full-length videos and other media offerings.  Also, information on how you can participate in financially supporting Prem Rawat's message of peace.