Prem Rawat: The Art of All Arts

It's not chiseled on marble.

It's not engraved in wood.


It is the dynamic of every heart that will be touched by the gift of that Knowledge in THEIR TIME.

By a living person.

(That's a change, huh?)

A living person.

I'm not saying "man" or "woman".

A living person ... will come and bestow the gift of Knowledge to those who are seeking it.

That person will make their own terms - it'll always be - there is no tradition of holding the terms the same. Terms will change.

Conditions will change and what is appropriate will happen.

So far the heart is touched, that's it.

To come from such a place within a heart - to touch another one's heart.

It is the art of all arts.

But to touch a heart: it takes the innocence of a child and the wisdom of all the scriptures put together.

To conquer time, to touch a person, to speak to a person.
To speak to a thousand, and yet to speak to every one of those thousand.

This is no plastic blanket.

This is woven delicately, and it's woven to perfection.

It is the words, where the words - once they touch the heart - the words disappear.
It no longer means anything.

Big difference.

A need that is so fundamental and real to every human being.

Language does not matter.
Culture does not matter.
Who it is, where they are, what they're not: doesn't matter.

This is the tradition of Knowledge - to be touched.

Make it your tradition.