I'm an astronaut like you are.


And here we are - and you don't even know what planet you're from.


Jettisoned from somewhere: to this foreign land you call "home"...
to be one day, jettisoned again to go where?
... you don't even know.

Peculiar, isn't it?


Every single Master has called this a travel, a journey, an inn, a hotel...

They said: "don't call this your home, this is not your home..."

Everybody says, "home planet"....


Incredible space suit to survive the elements.

Nice. Unique - everyone, everyone wearing this unique spacesuit.

So many getting attracted to the spacesuits!


Boy, have we got an eye for beauty.


Probably akin to an astronaut, you know,
falling in love with a gas station...


And here you are - that's what matters.

That's what matters. Life is what matters. 'Here you are' is what matters.

That's what makes the difference, otherwise this is an incredibly sad story - I'm sorry.

This is a tragedy.


Make Romeo and Juliet look like just a small joke.

You talk about misunderstanding ... this doesn't have to be a tragedy.

This can be a very beautiful little saga.

A very beautiful poem, which doesn't talk about the distress,
but it talks about the accomplishment and fulfillment of every breath.

Like a flower.


Like a flower.