Sometimes the words fail the feeling within.

It's not just sometimes - most of the time.


Because this Magic - and it is magical - to have this life, to have this existence. And in this existence have an opportunity - a window, a chance, a door - to even find that door.


And then, somebody who can unlock that door, and allow dreams, feelings, waiting of lifetimes, to become real. Something that I can understand, something that I can feel, something that I can fulfill my life with. And not just a concept, not just an idea, but something real, something simple.


For us, if we can understand what that opportunity is;
if we can understand what that means.
And with honor, approach, with freedom, with that desire to be free.


Maybe in this life, it is easy to allow oneself to be tormented. And not only is it easy to allow oneself to be tormented, to be tortured, but to actually get used to it.


And not only is it easy to get used to it, but actually begin accepting it as a fact of life. So many people, when things don't go right: "that's life".


And I always have to tell people, that's not true, that's not life.

This is a gift; this is a dream come true. It's come true.

And from that deepest feeling to awaken and accept THAT reality, not the reality of the torture and the pain and the suffering. Because the gentleness of this creation does not attest to it. The fragrance of a flower, the hues of a sunrise, the twinkle of a star, the light of the moon, the beauty of the blue of the sky... do not attest - are not the symbols of pain and suffering.


When do we begin to appreciate appreciation itself? When do we acknowledge this power - and you have to sometimes slow down and realize what that means.


You have a power - not one, but you have a power and you can appreciate those beautiful things that we have been given.


Our wisdom, I am sorry to say - is not in memorizing Encyclopedia Britannica, but our wisdom is to learn of that simplicity in this life. This knowledge, this realm of knowledge, this world of knowledge and the master, this is the world that will be with you until your last breath. Think about it.



Nothing else, nothing else you know will do you any good. And what you know of that simplicity, of that beauty, of that quietness, of that trust, will not only help you every single day of your life, every moment of your life - but even in the very last moment of this life.


Because it's true. It's real, that's what reality is. Not perceived reality that changes from one day to the other day, that's not reality. That's not the truth. In this moment, to acknowledge that, that's what I can do - that's what I can do, I can fill myself, me, I can fill, I can be fulfilled, I can fill myself with that perfection.


And that, is achieving the goal of a lifetime.