Effort & Grace

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Over the past 40 years Prem Rawat has addressed
millions of people around the world.

Responding to requests for him to speak
in over 50 countries, he travels most of the year.

As a result of his efforts, millions
of people have received his message of peace.



The only thing that remains real is the heart.


Untouched by human beings, ever since time.

And that is where ... the Truth exists.



Truth.   THE Truth.
The only place where it's pure.




And that is the only place where the real love resides.


The only place.

And that is the place where the Master comes to take you to.

And the magic happens again and again and again on the face of this earth.



There is one that brings the promise alive.

There is one that brings out the cry of the heart.




The existence of each breath - in this instrument.

And each breath that comes, plays the instrument.

It's a divine instrument. An instrument that plays - day and night. Never ceasing - plays and plays.


Playing a rhythm for you.



Have your heard it?


Have you heard it? Have you gotten to a point in your life where that matters to you?




It is important, what is taking shape inside of me.

It is important that I am in touch with this magic of life that is beating, pulsing inside of me.



In this life, there is an incredible balance.

There is ignorance and there is Knowledge. There is darkness and there is light.

There is a mind, and there is a heart.




You - in your life - in YOUR LIFE - have to choose it.

To understand this dance of life and allow it to overwhelm you.

To seek joy and to find it. To seek truth and to find it.

To seek consciousness and to find it.



There is one that brings the promise alive.

There is one that brings out the cry of the heart.

And something from within reaches out and says, "yes, fulfill this promise. Fulfill this destiny. Fulfill this life, fulfill this existence..."

Because such a show, such a drama will never play again.





You are alive and the Master is alive.
It is the living thing that is taking place.

Be a part of it.