This life has come,
and it will go.

It's quick.


A batting of an eye, and the universe changes.


Nothing stays the same.








Birth is happening.

Death is happening.

Coming and going is happening.

All is in motion.







Dandelions gone to seed...



Changes are everywhere - change, change, change.

Our bodies are changing every day;

and the force of life is coming into us and going.

Pulsing through our existence.






Even when no part of our body is moving

Breath is coming and going

In its magnificence; in its stillness

In its simplicity.






And our life is afoot.










Every day that goes by takes a toll.

Every day we age - and two things happen.

One: We inch closer to the unavoidable.

Two: A gift is given to us.












I remind people that life is the most beautiful thing.


When we can embrace life,

Everything falls into place.




Prem Rawat has been talking about the beauty of life since he was a small child.  He was born in Northern India, and was given the honorable title, "Maharaji" for the tireless work he has done in bringing people a simple and clear understanding of the possiblity of peace. Visit TPRF.ORG for more information on his message and itinerary.