Prem Rawat: Enjoyment Of The Permanent




You are the marriage
of the temporary
and the permanent.















There is something that you are that is extremely temporary—

I mean, too temporary - it will go away.



And there's something that you are that is so incredibly permanent,

that it will never go away.














What are the two definitions?

"Temporary" ...

That which wasn't, is, and will not be.

And what is the permanent?

That which was, is and will be.

Those two things have come together, and that's what you are.










What can be done?

The miracle is this:
through the temporary,
you can recognize the permanent.











The composition of the temporary is such, that it can adore, it can admire, it can enjoy, it can love — LOVE ... that which is permanent.


It can only happen when there is the marriage of the two.








Permanent goes its way - it's gone.
Temporary goes its way, its' gone.



And when the two come together, there can be magic.
And that's what this magic is all about.