Prem Rawat: The Exquisite Instrument

It’s always a great honor to talk to those
who want to learn something about this life.

I am going to tell you a very simple story.



Flower Mandala




Once, there was an exquisite musical instrument.

When it was played,
it made the most beautiful sound.

Then people started looking at "new and different" instrument
and invited other musicians to come and play.

The musicians came and brought their drums
and their flutes and their guitars.


Soon no one knew how to play this one very special instrument,
and people began to wonder, "What good is this instrument?"

It was beautiful, and it would spark their curiosity,
but slowly it started to collect dust because
it was ignored and had gotten out of tune.







Then one day, someone came and said,
"Why have you cast aside this most beautiful instrument?"

People looked at him wondering, "Which instrument?
The drums are all in tune, the flutes are great,
the violins are perfect, the piano is in tune."

He said, "Don’t you remember this instrument?

It is because of this instrument that you even
became interested in music, built this place,
and gathered to listen to it.

Now that your curiosity has led you to the new and different,
you have been ignoring it."




"What is so special about this instrument?" they asked.

The man said, "Let me show you."

He cleaned the instrument, and it began to shine.




Flower - Mandala




We forget. We only see the dirt on the surface.

The person who knows can see beyond the dirt.
He can clear away the dust and renew its beauty,
its spark, its glamour, its glory.

Then he did the most important thing—he tuned it.
If the instrument is going to sound good, it has to be tuned.




After he tuned it, he gave it back to the people
and said, "Now, you play."

They said, "We don't know how to play."

"Strum," he said, "and it will begin to play.
Listen. You will hear."

When they began to play, they were mesmerized by the beautiful sound.

Here was an instrument that could truly touch the heart.





What is the instrument?

You are.




flower mandala




In your race for the "new and different,"
you have forgotten yourself.

Everything is all about the glamour of "new and different,"
except for this instrument, this life.

Except for this heart.

Everything else has priority.

From morning till evening, you say,
"I have to do this. I have to do that."
Are you anywhere on that list? Number 10? 20? 100?

No. Nowhere.






When this instrument is tuned, and you begin to play,
you will hear a melody—the melody of breath coming to you.

It's very simple.

What you are looking for, what you need,
is within you, but because of neglect,
it has gone out of tune.

When it is tuned, you will be able to enjoy
the potential of that instrument.




flower mandala





This is your life. Find that contentment.

This much you owe yourself.

If you want to be rich, begin with you.

The first debt you have to pay is the debt
to the heart—its request, its want to be fulfilled.


It's not a big request.
It is simple.
Be fulfilled.

— Prem Rawat