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  ... A flower fills to give its nectar out to that bee.
And that bee that collects every little bit: little bee - not very big. Now how much do you reckon it must collect from each flower?


I've looked at the flowers - it must be so small... it'll do it. It'll do it. It'll take that time, it'll flap its wings. It'll buzz around and it'll find that little flower, and it'll take whatever little bit that flower has to offer.  


Prem Rawat And it'll go and it'll deposit - and not only that - it'll let everybody else know, "ah, go this way and go that way and do this and do that and you'll get there, and there it is..."


And I'm sure that small and large are not the scales that a little bee must use: "Oh, there was so little there... don't go there ..." No. Wherever there is that ...  


  And when you become that bee for every moment, just like that bee: every moment. It's not like "big" or "little" or this or that, but whatever it has to offer. And you become that bee for every moment in your life.


Then ... and only then will you have this incredible amount of honey - this sweet, sweet, sweet honey in your existence. Without that ... nothing. Maybe everything... but nothing.
Prem Rawat


Empty-handed you would have come, and empty-handed you will have to go.

To become simple as that day itself. To become that poetry.
This is what you need to do.


That little dance that the bees do, it's neat! For a long time, people didn't understand what they did. What was this whole thing of them coming and all these other ones looking, "what is this?" Then they figured it out - it's that bee telling others: "There, there's good stuff called nectar..."

So, that's nice.

If the little bees can do it, I'm sure we can.