My cup that is in front of me
does not have to be empty...


This river that is passing by
carries much much much much more in it
than meets the eye.


Because on the surface
it just looks like water moving.

But somebody taught me.
Somebody showed me, "Take this bowl and dip it down inside this river and pull it out and keep doing it and your bowl one day will be filled with the gold of peace."



This is what I do.



So there are many people.
The river runs all in front of us.
Some just look at the river and go "Very nice." Some people look at the river and go, "I wish I could ski on it."


Some people look at the river and go "I wish I could drive my boat on it." Some people look at it and go "You know I can put my toes in it, I'm a little warm I'm going to put my toes in the river."


Is that good? Is that bad?

I'm not going to pass any judgment
but, more than what this eye can see,
somebody has shown me the riches that are flowing
with this river.

And the bowl I was given.


Now it all makes sense....

Prem Rawat  - London, 2004