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The Greatest Play On Earth


"Maharaji" is a title of honor given to Prem Rawat for work he has done since the age of four, in spreading his knowledge of inner peace amongst all the societies of mankind.  From humble beginings in northern India, his audience has grown over the last four decades - now reaching literally millions every year.  The substance of his message remains unchanged: what you are looking for is inside of you.  Prem Rawat gives freely the inspiration and knowledge for those who embark on the inner journey.



This world is the stage—planet earth. On this stage, a play is going to happen. In this play, you are both actor and audience. It is a very unique play. In this play, you can sit down and watch, and then you can actually get up on stage and see if you can do it better. Then you can sit down and watch, then get on stage again and play, and you get to see the end. You also get to do something else. This "something else" is what I talk about.
What is it? It is enjoyment of this life, of this existence—being here, being alive, being the actor and being the audience. In my opinion, that is the most profound subject and the one we miss out on. Nobody clearly tells us about it. It's called enjoyment. There has to be that real enjoyment.




What does peace have to do with enjoyment? Everything. We need peace to satisfy a thirst. I'm talking about a thirst that is within and the water that is also within to quench the thirst. I'm not saying, "You have a thirst, and by the way, the water is 7,000 feet under the ocean. Let me teach you the art of diving." Or, "You have a thirst, and the water is on top of Mt. Everest, so let me get you physically in shape so you can climb it and partake of the water."
That's what happens. People say, "What you're looking for is over there, over there, and over there. You have to do this for it and you have to do that for it." I'm saying, "What you're looking for is within you. It always has been and always will be." I'm talking about fundamentals. I'm not trying to create peace. A peace that is created will one day be disturbed. The nature of things that are created is like that.


Prem Rawat


When there is enjoyment,
nothing is a chore.

When there's no enjoyment,
everything becomes a chore.

It is as simple as I have put it.

It really is all about you,
and the enjoyment of the greatest play on earth: you.


Every person needs to start looking at themselves for answers, because the answers lie within. This isn't a horrendous world created with no purpose and just randomness everywhere. For those who can see it and appreciate it, there is a delicateness to every human being. Everyone has been touched by an amazing thirst—a thirst to be content, a thirst to be in peace, a thirst to be in joy. Nobody has to teach you that. You know it. You feel it.
This is what I'm here to talk about: know thyself. You are here on this planet earth, and this is a very special occasion. The most magnificent stage ever designed has been built. It has the best lighting of any stage in the world. There is a ceiling, but no pillars. It's the work of a genius. You have been invited onto this stage to enjoy. Every time you enjoy in the truest sense—in the most earnest way—this incredible recording device called the heart enjoys it.




What a beautiful promise and possibility exists for a peace that lies not away from me, but within me. That's the peace I want—not the peace I have to run for, but the peace in my heart that I can get in touch with every day. That's the beauty of it: you cannot be without it.

It will require your effort. To be clear requires effort.
To be conscious requires a unique and a beautiful effort.
That effort is called real enjoyment. That is what it requires.


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