city sunset


Prem Rawat

A Home Called “You”





We're the ones in this world that need peace.


We're the ones in this world that will benefit from peace the most.


We're the ones who have taken ourselves so far away from what used to be so simple.


And we're the ones who need to come back home.



Home needs to be where you are,

city sunset

not a building with four walls and a roof,

and a particular number.





A long time ago, there was a home constructed called "you".

You've got many addresses, but there's one address missing,

and this address is an address to you.


To you.





urban sunset You've had many introductions, and you know a lot of people,

but there's one person who has not been introduced...

and that's you, to you.


Because no one says, "let me introduce you to you..."





Except for me. That's what I do.

I go around saying, ‘Well, let me introduce you to you!’