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Human beings have been given
the gift of hope.




We all need that hope.
Good things happen and bad things happen.
Things happen that we like.
Then things happen that we don't like,
and we are devastated.




The heart breaks and hope seems lost.
But no matter what happens,
we cannot afford to lose hope.
And the heart is the hope-maker.




We are a mumble-jumble of so many things.
There is fear and there is ignorance,
and there is also an incredible driving force that says,
"Move on."

Even when there is fear, it urges,
"Move on. Take a step."



We may be living in a depressing situation,
and it says, "Smile."
In dire situations, when things are not all that great,
it says, "a little laughter."


That is a very powerful force.
It is the very thing that keeps us glued together.
Otherwise, we would fall apart.



In a time of total chaos,
this force yearns for peace.
When there is mistrust, it talks to us of trust.
In total pain, it brings a glimmer of hope, of relief.

Hope is a gift that we have been given.
Hope urges us to quench our thirst,
to find fulfillment every day.




It allows us to move on,
so that our heart will seek joy.
Hope makes everything dance.
It is in a little seed, waiting to grow.

Hope is a candle that burns.
It is a sun, a beautiful golden light.
If it weren't for the hope that the sun will come again tomorrow,
it would be very hard to say goodbye to it each night.
But it will come tomorrow, and I hope we are there to see it.





There is always hope.

We must hold on to that hope and walk.
We must take the steps needed
and see what the journey of life wants to show us.

After all, we are visitors,
and there are many, many things to see.
We can allow ourselves to know that peace is the norm,
that joy is the norm.





We can come home.

We are vulnerable, but we are also strong.
Not just any wind can come and knock us down.

We have immeasurable strength.
There is immense wisdom inside;
there is a love that is unparalleled.





It is not just hope, but a reality that is amazing.
There is a river of joy to bathe in,
a river of kindness, a river of grace.

Picture of Maharaji - Prem Pawat


That is who we are.

We just need to open the door, walk, and enjoy,
and remember that we cannot afford to lose hope.



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