When the Need...

When the need becomes obvious,
then that is the day you will not be looking for explanations.



When your hunger becomes so obvious - that's when you stop going through the recipe books, and you head for the kitchen.



That's where you will find me - I'm in the kitchen.



I clean the pots; I clean the pans, and I keep the refrigerator supplied.



And when the hungry come, when I ask them, "What would you like to eat... ?"

Because those who are not hungry, they just peek in, "what are you doing here?"



And it's a lonely place, because everybody else is in the library.

That's where all the books are.

And they're pondering through all the recipes, looking at all the recipes: discussing.






And they're getting off on it, it's fine.

"Oh, wouldn't that be wonderful, Oh isn't that going to be incredible; oh, wouldn't that be just exquisite, oh yeah and you could put a little parsley on, oh my god: that would be just wonderful...! "



Okay, have your day. Fine. Do your thing, fine.



But if you get hungry, come to the kitchen.



That's where real food is.