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Prem Rawat: Introduction To The Heart


What is it that, in each human being, shapes us to want the same? 

We seek and we will always seek, but what are we seeking?  We want and we will always want, but what do we want?  For as long as human beings have been on earth, there has always been that longing to be fulfilled.






There is no greater introduction to the heart,

than to remind you of what you already know. 


I'm not here to give you some new piece of information that you can debate or rate.  This is not about religion.  This is not about spirituality.  In fact, there is no label in the world for it.







So, what do you know?  You know about being happy — how you need that in this life.  You know how you need joy.  You know how contentment is important to you — that you dislike sadness.  These are the simple rules that are yours, not somebody else's.






To be content, to be in joy, to be in happiness.


What kind of happiness?

Not the kind that is created, but the kind that dwells in the heart of every human being.  The joy that already is — that doesn't need to be brought from somewhere else.









The process of awakening is not a process of creation.   You don't have to create it.  You awaken to that which already exists.  Then, with your heart, awaken to the possibility of being fulfilled.  Then, in this life, know that you can be fulfilled.  Know that in this life, you can be content.