PREM RAWAT: Life Demands Honesty


Life isn't a bunch of cushions that you can have here and there.


Life demands respect.
Life demands clarity.
Life demands committment.
Life demands understanding.
Life demands simplicity.





Life demands that honesty.
To hug, to gather every moment, to embrace every moment
With a sincerity like you have never experienced before.


This isn't something that would be “nice to have”.
No, this is what life demands!





There are no "ands, ifs and buts".
There are no, "well how can I get around it?"
Because that's what we're doing.


You're driving on the freeway, you're driving too fast,
you know an officer is going to pull you over any minute.
You're looking around. And already, what's playing in your mind is what you're going to say!






You know, there are no police officers in this life.
If you do something wrong, you know about it.

Breath doesn't say,
"well, too bad. You shouldn't have done that.
That was your last point. You lose."

No... breath, keeps on coming.
Like that wind, that just keeps on coming.
It keeps on coming.