The Light of Certainty
Prem Rawat: Excerpts from Worldwide Events

Picture of Rose

Days will come and go,
and buried in all those days
are two especially important ones.

One is the day you came.

Four Roses with Raindrops

Days have been coming
for a very long time,
but buried somewhere
in the billions and billions of days,
just one was the day you came.

And buried in the billions and billions of days
is the one day when you will have to go.
The days between them constitute your existence.

group of yellow roses

Just as you were unaware of the day you would come,
you are unaware of the day you will have to go.

Why is it mysterious?

So you won't have to worry about it.

So you can pay attention to something else that's more pressing.

Picture of

There isn't a choice about those two days,
but about all the rest,
you have a choice.

So choose and choose wisely.


picture of rose

Choose from the heart.
Choose joy.

You were made for joy,
not for the darkness of uncertainty.

Choose the light of certainty.

Yellow Rose with Raindrops on Petal