One day, this "you" will not be around. That's a given. Prem Rawat speaks to Audience

Who are you kidding?

You WON'T be around. I won't be around. That's how it is. That's how it's been. And what will be? No one knows.

As they say appropriately - "dust to dust." Well put! Yes, dust to dust.

"Ashes to ashes." That will be. That's a good bet. That's a safe bet.


And what do you have now? You have existence. That simple act of one breath at a time. Do you know what it means? Have you sat down and understood it? Have you sat down and really felt it?

It's a little too late - when you're laboring to take it. I've seen that too: people lying there and laboring to take a breath. Now they know, now they know how important everything is.Prem Rawat addresses audience

If somebody came to them at that moment when they're going, "uuhhh", and said, "can I borrow your car?" It's like, "Hey, you can HAVE it!"

"But you know you can't die right now; you can't stop breathing right now because you have a meeting in 15 minutes with your lawyers."

Doesn't matter. "Tell them I said 'hello'... bye-bye."

Something becomes incredibly clear - for a minute. But it doesn't have to be that way. That clarity can be in your life now.

This is not just 'talk'.

What I offer to people is a way to be able to go within. Just like a mirror, to be able to go within.Prem Rawat addresses Audience

People say, "well, why do I need that?"

Look, you've got great eyes; you can see everything. But one thing your eyes can't see is your face.

You can see your hands, you can see your shoes, but one thing your eyes can't see is your own face. For that you need a mirror.

That's what I offer: a way to be able to go inside and savor the beauty that is within you.

I don't create that beauty. It's not a mental thing.
It does not come from a book; it does not come from people's ideas. It is something within you.


And what I say to people is come and listen. And think about it.

Don't be in a rush - think about it. If you have questions, ask your questions.

Weigh it, measure it, feel it. And then - when you are ready - you will have it.

That's the process. So simple and so beautiful.

And that is what I am offering to people.

If you're interested, you can contact, find out more information - come, listen.


And if you're not interested - fine. The treasure will still be inside of you.

That beauty will ALWAYS be inside of you. rose

If you're not interested, that's fine, but just remember - that you are blessed; that the most amazing miracle has taken place.

And that miracle isn't a tree growing from a rock... but that miracle is YOU.

You are the miracle.


And if somehow you can open and understand and feel that heart and begin to read the words one by one by one of that book of hearts, then you will be the one that will reap the benefits of that book.

There is more. Get to know that 'more' inside of you.