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Life dances and plays out every day
in the simplest, most serene way possible.

You exist, not through the avenues of this world, but just as you are.

Just you—this face, this smile, this body, this breath, this heart.






A lot of people focus on all the problems in the world
and say we have to find solutions to all those problems.

I say that we have a quest.

It's not a quest that you or I started.
It is a quest that was already started for us.
It's a quest for peace, a quest for love,
a quest for understanding, and a quest for joy.






This quest is not for the
joy found on the outside.

It is for the joy that is found on the inside.
This quest is not for the peace on the outside,
but for the peace that lies within.

The good news is that what you are looking for, you already have.





Who has introduced us to us?

We're always being introduced to somebody else.
No one asks, "By the way, have you met yourself?"

Meeting yourself is the difference between being free and being stuck.
If you don't want to meet yourself, you are stuck with yourself.

The day you want to meet yourself, you become free.






I will tell you about the
best book ever written.

It's the book of thoughts that you write to yourself. It's clear.
It does not need an introduction; it does not need a preface.
It does not need footnotes. It is yours.

It is the poem that sings out in your heart and awakens the joy.

That is the greatest poem ever—joy.
And it is your poem, an expression to yourself.
That is the ultimate gift.






This world is filled with questions without answers.
This heart is filled with answers without questions.

We can accept those answers, not the answers the world is trying to give us.

The answers of the heart are very, very different, because the heart says,

“Awaken and rejoice.
Awaken and be alive.
Awaken to the possibility of being fulfilled.”