Title: The Ocean & The Drop excerpts from talks given worldwide by Prem Rawat
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Prem Rawat talks about an inner connection called

I search - I don't know why I search.
I search because I think I should. I search because I have read, "that's a good thing to do." And all the while I don't understand the real magic. Now, let me tell you about what that is.

So innate, and so fundamental is this desire to be content. I'm using the word "content" and it may be entirely inappropriate and it does not matter. Because there is this feeling you see, it's a feeling.






As long as there has been language, and as man could write, he's tried to describe this feeling.

He called it 'peace' and that wasn't good enough. He knew that.

Tranquility - wasn't good enough. Serenity - wasn't good enough. Love - wasn't good enough. Joy - wasn't good enough.






The power of this fundamental thirst, of this fundamental quest, the power - you must understand this. And not only must you understand this, you must give in to it. Because you can't fight it. Let it conquer you. Let it come. And let it absorb you. Because that would be, being absorbed in peace, being absorbed ... how? Like a drop of water hitting the ocean.





It leaves the cloud and it's a drop, and it's a drop, and it's a drop, and it's a drop, and it's a drop...

And the moment it hits the ocean, it's the ocean, it's no longer a drop.

See how that works? Isn't that fascinating? Little drop, tiny little drop - dropping a few thousand feet: drop, drop, drop, drop, drop. It has an entity, it has an identity, it is a drop. It exists, it is a "thing", and it's tiny.






And it's falling and it's falling and it's falling.... And it has no choice. And if the wind blows it, it moves. And the wind blows it from below and it rises a little bit - slows down its fall. And then it starts again. If the wind blows it from the right, it moves; it blows from the left and it moves.





And, it is the slave of every element that wants to act upon it. And it continues falling, falling, falling, and then "boomp" in this one little magic moment. And if you have seen this, I don't know if you have, but when it rains and it falls on the ocean, it makes a little ripple - and then it's disappeared, it's gone. Its last mark is a little ripple. Not very large, not very big and it's been absorbed.





I don't know about you, but that's what I want - to be absorbed, into that joy. Where now we are inseparable. Now, wind, go ahead, do your thing - try to budge me. Now I am not vulnerable, but now I stand with the solidity of the ocean - which is liquid by the way.



But now - am I still mobile?
Of course.
I'm going to go great places: as a drop I couldn't even imagine.

I'm going to go places,
I'm going to see things,
and I'm going to be a part of that magnificent ocean.

Prem Rawat speaks at events held worldwide on inner peace...



Prem Rawat was given the honorable title, "Maharaji", when - as a young child - he exhibited unique and remarkable abilities to inspire and teach those who were searching for deeper meaning in life. He addresses the longing of the human heart for fulfillment, and gives people access to the central source in their own beings so that inner peace transforms "possibility" into "reality".