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What do you,
as a human being
who has been given this gift of life,



Mexican Mandala


I am not the first person to make this statement — "that which you are looking for is inside of you."  It is the oldest statement.  And the thing about this statement, is that whenever it is said, it appears to be new — as if you have never heard it before, even though you have, again and again.


That which you are looking for is inside of you.






It means there is something here which I need to know: that my fulfillment is not far from me.

That my contentment is not far from me.
That my joy is not far from me.
That my life is not far from me.



mexican Mandala 3




I carry within, the key that will unlock all my locks.  I carry within the answer that will answer all my questions.  My understanding, my clarity, is within me.

The shelter I seek from the rain of the world is within me, and is not far from me.

And there is no greater truth than that.



Mex blanket design




I have seen it.  I have traveled the world.  I have gone from one country to another country where people don't speak the same language.  The currency doesn't work; the way they drive is different.  The way they conduct business is different. The way people look is different.

Talk about differences.  But amongst all those differences, I have seen a beautiful, simple similarity.  And what is similar?  That we all yearn for that beautiful thing within us.