Prem Rawat: Peace is Searching for You
Maharaji (Prem Rawat)      back to index


It's so incredible in one sense that we search for peace. But what if I were to tell you that the peace is searching for you? We search for tranquility. And what if I were to tell you, that very actively, tranquility is searching for you? Not in this outside world. This outside world is very neutral. You can create chaos and it'll be there. And you can try to create nice scenery and it'll be there.


But as this world has streets and avenues, within you - in the world of your heart - there are also avenues, there are also streets. And through these streets, through these avenues, actively, peace, tranquility, joy - and all those wonderful things, love - they're searching for you, they want to find you.





They know that you look, you search for them. You didn't know that they are searching for you.

And in this world, it's not complicated. The avenues are rather straight, the roads are rather straight, simple. The roads are built for one and one purpose only - to give you access to where you want to go.



So they don't sit there and meander and they don't sit there and go up and down and they don't go through crossings they don't go through all the stuff. It's simple. But how will they find you when you're always moving around? When you're darting off - sometimes left, sometimes right. It's like playing a game where the two keep missing each other.




Like a string of a guitar, it needs to be tightened, and it needs to be loosened, both. But the mystery doesn't lie in tightening and the mystery does not lie in loosening. All the mystery lies in it - in that string being able to produce the note that is desired.

You see the player twist the key, and you think, "that's it"? "Tighten, loosen, tighten, loosen"? No. That is merely a mundane action. The miracle is, this guy is listening to this note and going, "yeah, it's getting closer and closer and closer and... that's it! It's got it!

That - that's the mystery. That's the miracle. That's the magic. The magic in this life is to really understand: "Wow. Peace is looking for me."