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There is an incredible yearning that comes from within each person.

Inside each one of us peace is like a seed in the desert, waiting to blossom.

It sees no distinction. It doesn't care if we are rich or poor, which religion we belong to, or which country we live in.


What it cares about is water.

Like the seed, it lies in wait for the time water will come.

In our heart it waits and wants nothing else but to be fulfilled, to once again feel whole, not separated by all the issues that penetrate our lives.

Peace begins with every single human being.

Peace is something that has to be experienced in every heart.

The absence of war is not peace.

Peace is not an issue of institutions.  It is people who start the wars.  If people start respecting peace, then there will be peace.
The peace we are looking for is within us. That is where we will find it. Peace is within the heart of each being.
If we want peace in our lives, it is definitely possible.

We don't have to create peace; we have to usher it in.

So many people are working on trying to bring peace.  Peace is already there and it resides in the heart of all human beings - it always has and always will.
Each of us is a magnificent reality in a magnificent world, and within us is immeasurable peace, immeasurable joy.

This reality is not in antiquity and not in modern science.

It is not up in the heavens, but in the heaven inside of us.

All the good and the bad, all the things that will happen and won't happen, the wars that will be fought and the peace that will be made - the sum of all of that is less important than the existence of each human being.

This is our time; this is our opportunity to be alive.
The breath that comes into everyone so quietly, so silently, is screaming a message very loud and clear.

What is the message?