Preparing For Peace

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Understanding that every day is important,
every moment is important:

This is where we can become simple. That's who we are.


Purple Design by Boddi

At the end of the day, with all the trappings gone,

we are very simple.

When we can start to look at life from that simplicity,
a very different picture emerges - a picture that is full of gratitude
and more full of love than we could ever imagine.



And when there is acceptance,
when the gratitude to be alive emerges from the heart,
then - and only then - does this process begin to come alive.

Will we have to give up our religion?
Our house? Our family?


Will we have to give up our problems?
No, we can even keep our problems.


Purple Disk by Boddi Design


Knowledge says we are complete.
We aren't missing anything.
We don't have to search.

All we have to do is awaken, open our eyes.

What we need to do is to become unstuck
from all the barriers that we have created
and open up to the possibility that lies within.

All we have to do is admire.



Knowledge is not like a new experience,
but like meeting the oldest friend - someone we have known
as long as we have been alive.

How do we greet that friend
that we can't talk to in words?

We have to become just as simple as that friend.


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How simple it is to let the nature of the heart shine.
Our life, our understanding, our want,
and our thirst are all simple.

We are simple.

When we are in that real place, there is joy.