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You have a quest.


Not a quest that you started, but a quest that was already started for you.

A quest that says, "peace". A quest that says, "Love". A quest that says "understanding". A quest that says, "joy".





And this quest is also a quest for the joy that is not on the outside, but the joy that is on the inside.






This quest is not for the peace that is on the outside, but the peace that lies within you. That's the good news.

The good news is, what you are looking for, you already have. That's the good news.

The beauty that you are looking for you already have. And when the complexity is taken away, when the complex is removed...






What is complex? Doubt is complex.


Doubt is so complex - it's like one of these viruses that's got things sticking out like a sea urchin from every side. Complex. Doubt!

Should we learn to live with it? Or should we learn to understand the very thing inside of us which says, "you do not need to be in doubt, you can be in clarity"...

In clarity.

Because that clarity that you want, that you need in your life, is within you!







And I go place to place, and I offer people a mirror.


And they go, "I don't need a mirror. What will I do with a mirror?"

Because so much of our life is dedicated to understanding what is not us.

What is NOT US.





Who in our lives has introduced us to us: it's always someone else! "Mr So-And-So, meet Mr So-And-So."

No one says, "by the way, have you met yourself?" And people in this world - and I'm very aware of this fact - would listen to something like that and go, "but that's just nonsense; why would I want to meet myself?"





You don't want to meet "you"?

After all, you are stuck, STUCK - that's the difference between being free and stuck. If you don't want to meet yourself, you are STUCK with yourself. And the day you want to meet yourself, you become FREE - to meet yourself. FREE, not stuck.

Don't be stuck: be free to meet yourself.