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PREM RAWAT - The Rains of Understanding


It begins with us.

In your life, let there be peace. In your life, let there be joy.


Sometimes we look at the watch you know, and it's round, so everything comes back.

That's not a true representation of life. Life isn't like that - it doesn't come back.





This is a "one way", never to repeat again. Never, never, never, never ever to repeat again.

Life isn't like a watch - it's like a linear tape. You're moving and you're moving and you're moving and you're moving.


Swift is the river of time; swift is this heart that wants to save every moment that it can.

The thirst is within you. The water that will quench the thirst is within you. Make peace a priority.

What do I have to do? What is the first step I have to take?
Make this life a priority, to make contentment a priority, make this existence a priority.

Begin with that.


Make that thirst a priority in your life.
And you will see: things will begin to blossom.

Spring will come in your life.

You will find flowers where you never imagined it was ever possible that anything would grow. Even there, you will find the most tender, the most delicate flowers you can possibly imagine.





For even in the desert, the little delicate flowers bloom.
As harsh as it is, as harsh as it is... they lie in wait for the rains.

Rains of understanding, let them fall.

Rains of this priority of this existence, let it fall, and let each seed sprout and let each flower come. So that you - not me, not your friend or somebody else - but you may stand and gaze at this amazing beauty that lies in front of your eyes.


And rejoice.
Feel good.
Feel happy.



And then, let that be ... for the rest of your life.

That's the possibility.