PREM RAWAT - The River of Time


The grand deception: people want to look young - 'the youth'.... But when time has got you, what can you do? No creme, no nothing!

It'll come and it'll come and it's coming and it's coming and it'll come and it's marching. It's marching relentlessly.

Prem Rawat - born Maharaji in India

And you? You're caught. You are balanced, caught between two spaces. One, time is all over the place - everywhere, time, time time time.


Prem Rawat's message transcends culture, religion & society

And on the inside? Timeless! No time. Does not age. Joy does not age. Happiness does not age.

When I feel happy, I feel exactly the same happiness that I felt when I was little.

And it has not changed. Timeless. It remains timeless.

The joy that emanates from within me - is timeless.



Join, be a part of one or the other world.

If you too join the world within, you become timeless.

You understand, the one that is captured by time, let the time have it. Let it have it.

Prem Rawat's message is timeless, and is aimed at the heart.

Let it play with it and let it have it; and feel no sorrow - it belongs to time.

It is the time who brought it to you. Slowed down a little bit and allowed you to exist.

Thank the time. Time is not your enemy; time is your friend.



Time is a wonderful river. Whatever you want to wash in it, you can wash in it. It'll always clean it.

It's a river - it takes everything, all the sewage - it just carries it away.

Time - whatever belongs to the time, let time have it. And what belongs to the heart, let the heart have it.

And all your debts will be settled. You will owe nothing to the time, and you will owe nothing to the heart.

All your debts will be settled. And then is when the harmony begins. Then the product you will get is joy.

Then you will begin to understand. Then you will begin to understand the value of the Knowledge of the Self.

All accounts are settled.



Now, when all accounts are settled, you can begin to live. Because you are not the slave of time, nor caught in the constant cry of the heart.

Now you can begin to thrive. Not just survive - thrive!

Now, once you have given what belongs to time to the time, and what belongs to the heart to the heart, now you can get what really belongs to you. And what is that? The gratitude. You'll begin to have it.

The heart begins to fill. Then what happens? You begin to reap those simple fruits of what was sown inside of you a long time ago.

That is when the promise that you made to yourself begins to be fulfilled. That's when it happens.

So... be debt-free. Be debt-free, free of debt, free of burden.






And they will come, they will come... time will say, "I want that too". And you say, "Okay, you can have it - it's yours."

And the heart says, "And I want that too." And you say, "Yes you can have it - it's yours."

And the path becomes clear. And then you can begin to dance. And nobody's looking over your shoulder - "why are you dancing?"

"I'm dancing because I can. I'm dancing because I can hear a music that plays within me, and I dance to my music."

Then you can swing. And why do you swing? Because I swing with the eternal swing that is swinging within me.

The coming and the going of MY breath, MINE. Not yours, not somebody elses. Mine! My breath.


Why? Because I gave to time what was time's, and I gave to the heart what was heart's, and now I have been left with what is mine.

And there is no confusion.

What is mine is my breath, and it comes to me whether I call it or not. It comes to me - it follows me wherever I go. It is mine. It IS mine.




Even if I started to stay away from it, it will come to me. I have to send no invitation for that breath, and it just comes. Whether I sleep or I am awake, whether I run or I am sitting - it comes, it follows me wherever I go. And I accept it.

It is a gift, and I accept it.

My tranquility, my harmony, my peace follows me wherever I go. I accept it.

My doors are open and I welcome it. Because now, my house is clean. Now there is space for all these wonderful things to come and sit.

Now I can talk - to whom? To the friend within.




Now all the other guests are gone. 'Cause they were all in the house, robbing me.

What did all the other guests do? "Where's the food?" "Why aren't you nice to me?" "Why don't you care for me?" "Show me where I can sit!" "What do you have for me?" "Aren't you going to take care of me?"

Now, all those guests are gone.

Now the guest that I really want to be with, I can be with. Now I can begin to talk - now I can have my real conversation. Now my party begins. Before, it wasn't a party. It was a lesson in patience and basic humanity....


Prem Rawat's discourses can be heard in all languages, in hundreds of countries worldwide

Now I can begin to enjoy.

Because I am with the one that I want to be with. And how simple that is. How simple that is.

How profound that is.


Maharaji is an honorable title given to Prem Rawat for his work in bringing peace to the lives of millions of people. Every year he speaks to hundreds of thousands, worldwide, offering all a glimpse of their own true nature - the oasis that satisfies the innate thirst buried deep inside us all.