PREM RAWAT - "The Road Home"...



What is ultimately the difference of going on any road?

You sit in a car, the engine works, there is the steering. Underneath the tires is tar - that's what the roads are made out of: bitumen, tar, rocks. You drive - and all roads go somewhere.



And they do ... go somewhere.

But there's one road - of all the roads that are in the world - in this whole world - in India, and in America, and in Europe, and in Australia, and in Canada...

All the roads in this whole world - they go somewhere, and of all the roads that go all over the place, there's one road that goes home.




And you'd better know that road.




Because that road - even though it's the same as any other road - it's made out of the same materials as any other road. The car drives no differently on that road than any other road.

But one road goes home. And that road you need to know. Not because I say so...

Not because I say so.




One of the fundamental things that I present to people - and I really want them to understand this - because people ask me, "so you say all these things... how do I get to this?"





And I say:
"It begins with a thirst..."