PREM RAWAT: “The Bridge”

"Maharaji" is the honorary title given to Prem Rawat at an early age for his work in bringing inner peace to the lives of thousands...

Open your eyes and take each step in earnest.

Open your eyes inside in this wonderful city of the heart and look around and see these beautiful avenues. And see the peace coming towards you. And stand still. Stand very very still so that peace can find you. Don't budge. Don't budge.


Let it come, let it touch you, let it envelop you.

Let that beautiful love from within come and hold you. Stand still. Very, very still.

Not hiding in some corner of some idea, or a dream. But in the widest avenue in the middle of the busiest intersection.

Be obvious, as you hold still.

Don't put on a disappearing act.

This is not the time in your life - any day that you have been given is a day that you can visit the city of the heart and it is not the time to play 'humble' - no. It is the time to be obvious.

As this life is obvious. As this breath is obvious - isn't it? Obvious.


Your existence is obvious, it is not hidden under some rock in some mountain.

It is not hidden under some grass in some lush forest. Here, it's obvious. Your quest is obvious.

It has always been, and it seeks to be fulfilled.

And the magic of magics, the miracle of miracles has happened, you've been given life.


You've been given a life so that this could happen. So this could manifest.

What is this existence? Don't underestimate it.

What is this existence? I will tell you what this existence is.

It's pretty special. And you know why it's special?

Because it is a bridge; it is an incredible bridge between the finite and the infinite.


This is where it happens. This is where the two meet.

This is the threshold where the two can meet - where the mortal can experience immortality.

Nothing else.