THE JOURNEY - A Poem by Prem Rawat, circa 1995



  Upon the highest hill a shining light
Giving comfort and joy with glorious might
Illuminating paths for all who travel
For those, mysteries unravel



Not well trodden paths these
Few have felt the gentle breeze
Lonely traveler who passes by
Has seen magnificent clouds fly by

A giant door blocks these ways


Beware: No one alone may pass this way
This path is for those only
Who are alone, but never lonely
Enter if you will not stray
Never stop, night and day


Witnessing this warning many retreat
Fear grips them so deep
Few ever take the challenge
Few can keep the balance



Some look for comfort but feel it's far
Others see no reason to try so hard
Some think it unfair, the shine shouldn't be
Others think it better to turn back and flee


How would they know what they would be missing
How could they know it's all they had been wishing
No ordinary journey this
Fullfillment of a very old wish



The deep felt hunger can be satisfied
Not a worldly feeling, cunning and contrived
No illusion here, you know
You only reap what you sow


Those in transit feel gratitude
Savor journey with simple attitude
Never wanting the feeling to end
Delighting from straightaway to every bend




This journey is beautiful for all those
Who commit themselves, let worries go
Who know when to be satisfied
Have much to gain, little to hide


Who truly know how to accept
The given treasures so ept
Will complete the journey ahead
Will find it pleasant, with no regret

--Prem Rawat, from an event in Frankfurt Germany (circa 1995)