The Quest

Excerpts from Recent Events...

Experience is like that: once you have experienced that thirst in your life, then what I am talking about starts to make sense; then Knowledge starts to make sense, the know-how to be able to go within and enjoy that garden inside, to be able to enjoy that beauty inside, to be able to quench that thirst inside.

And if that is what you want... remember, I said there's nothing to sell here, nothing to buy.





And people say, "Why is he doing that...? Why is he doing that?"

I have another analogy for you: You know when you get lost in a new city? Say, you 're in a new city, you find yourself in a new city and with all your fancy gadgets and maps, and everything else, you get lost.

So you pull over, and you ask somebody: "Ah, sir, do you know where that place is?"

And the person says to you, "Ah, yeah, just go down the street and make a left and then make a right, and you'll be there."

And you go, "Oh, thank you." Roll down the window and off you go.




How do you know what that guy told you was the right place? How do you know that? Did you ask him for his driver's licence, to see where he's from? No. He told you.

In Los Angeles, a while back - they were doing this interview, and they were asking people on the street where East Timor was. And people were actually saying, "Well just go down the road, and you'll see a Safeway and just, y'know, hang a right and it's right there, East Timor..."

Can you imagine somebody doing that? "Wow, this is cheap! I don't even have to go and fly to Australia to connect to East Timor, I just go down the road, see a Safeway, hang a right - I'll be in East Timor."

And after you go down that road and you make your right and you make your left and you don't get where you are, what are you going to do?

I'll tell you what you're going to do. You're going to roll down the window and ask another person. And people want to know...




I am saying to you: my credentials lie not in my words, but my credentials exist when you have that experience, that's where it's at. Anybody can get up and say these words... anybody.

It takes entirely something else to back it up... to back it up. Not only to back it up - but keep helping people, reminding people again and again to remember what they have found. And when they found it they said it was important - and keep reminding them again and again of its importance.

That's what I do.




People say, "Well if it is such an important thing, how will I forget?" I mean, hey, we forget those things that are the MOST IMPORTANT to us... MOST IMPORTANT to us. And people say, "well, that's not true..."

Yes it is. We forget to tell those people that we love the most, "I love you." How trivial is that, or, how important is that?

We forget to tell those people that mean the most to us, "I'm so glad you're alive today. It is so wonderful to see you..." We will do it to somebody we don't know: "Uh, good to see you again..." And this may not even be true.



But your kids come downstairs in the morning and what is it? "Get your breakfast. Pack your bags. Go to school." Not, "Hey, it's so good to see you good to see you today..." So important. We don't do that. Because the assumption is, it's so important, it's okay, it's taken care of.

Remember how important it was in our lives to feel joy? And that's the very thing we've forgot. We've pursued everything else... everything else. And we've forgotten that which started our quest.

You don't have to be old to begin that quest; you began your quest when you were quite young.

So, as simple as this message is, and as complex as this message is... it's very complex and it's very, very simple. It's complex if you want to think about it. It's very simple if you want to feel it.




And people say, "well, I don't want to have anything to do with it..." Fine. Don't. Not a problem. But that does not decrease the significance of your life. Wherever you go, whatever you do, remember this life, remember this breath. Because it is important.

Remember how important it is to BE. And this is your time, this is your opportunity. This is YOUR TIME. Not "our time", please! This is your time, this is my time, this is the time we've been given, this is the time in which we breathe. This is the time, THIS IS the time!



What is this time? It is as important as the wind is to a person who wants to fly a kite.

I love to fly kites. Wind is important. No wind, you run out of breath and give up on the kite. But when the wind is blowing just right, hold the kite in place and off it goes. And it'll fly and fly and fly.

The right wind is blowing; you are alive. Don't forget that. Things will happen, things will come, things will go. Seasons will change. Spring will come. Summer will come. Fall will come, winter will come... to be followed again. These are seasons.



And what are you going to do? That one thing that you would want to do whether it is summer or it is winter or it is fall - whatever it may be that you want to do. That your heart has always wanted to do.

That whilst you are pursuing a career, you want to do, and when you have retired, you would want to do; when you're healthy you would want to do; and when you're not healthy, you would want to do; and when the whole world is behind you, you would want to do, and when the whole world is against you, you would want to do.


Then do that.
Listen to that call.
Listen to that thirst.