PREM RAWAT - The Time to Understand

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It is amazing; it's unique.

You know, there is no one like you on the face of this earth.

Not even if you have a twin:


... slightly different...






There's no one like you.

And there will be no one like you – after you're gone.






This is your time.


To make that understanding happen –

to begin to understand;


to begin to understand.







And here is the concrete thing:

to start to realize that all that you ever want,

you have.



Begin by understanding it;

every day remembering what is important to you as a human being.

As a human being!






That you were born and you are alive.

And that's it!


You are alive!






That is a blessing unparalleled.




And I just wanted to come and remind you of that.







Because in times of trouble – we forget.

And what do we forget?

We forget the most important thing.







The most important.

And that's what gets us into trouble.






You know this.

Everything that I have said, you know.


You know.





And not only you need to know,

but now is the time to understand that.


You know peace is beautiful,

but now the time has come to actually feel that peace in your life

And nobody is too young and nobody is too old.







Because this is a matter of life:


One life.

One existence.


One incredible gift that you have been given.


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