Prem Rawat began his work as a young child in India, offering people the possibility of inner peace..  Crossing all cultural, religious and political boundaries, his message is timeless and echoes the innate longing of each human to find "home" admidst the challenges of everyday life. With the passing of five decades, Prem still continues in his dedication to spreading the message of peace.

PREM RAWAT— “Toys Keep Changing... ”

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Prem Rawat discusses the possibility of inner peace ... And, amazingly enough, in each breath comes this possibility to be fulfilled.

Fulfilled ... think of that!

Fulfillment is not a trivial thing. Why isn't it a trivial thing?
Because this is what you have always desired in your life.


When you were 4 years old and you wanted that toy...

Why? Why did you want that toy?

Because of one reason:   you really thought that was going to   DO IT.


And when the mother said, "no", you KNEW, that was it. Even promising, "I will never ask for another toy again... " That's it. (From your laughter I gather that we're not that different!) ... Because that's the way it was for me.

That's all I want. This is it. If I get that toy, I will be fulfilled.


Toy came. And the reception of that toy, receiving of that toy was, "YES!" Next day... Next day ... "hmmm." Until... you saw that toy going in the trash can and it wasn't an issue. Now the sights were set on another toy.


And as you have grown older, the desire has not changed, only the toys have. Because it remains waiting to be fulfilled - it remains waiting to be quenched, it remains waiting, and waiting, and waiting and waiting. Prem Rawat introduces "Knowledge" - a way of discovering inner peace...


Maharaji was born as "Prem Rawat" in India in 1957... And, take my word for it, toys will keep changing, and the thirst will stay consistent.

It doesn't change.