Prem Rawat  (Maharaji)



What I say comes from my heart.

I talk about life, not because it is written somewhere,

But because it is engraved in our heart.


What is in our heart says, that within us, we can find everything.









I help people understand that there is hope,

And that there is a beautiful purpose in life,
instead of all the mundane things we find ourselves caught up in.

What I offer is Knowledge.









Prem Rawat, also known as Maharaji




Knowledge is a practical tool to turn within

And experience the beauty that is already there.


The experience of Knowledge is the core of who we are.










This is where my message is dramatically different.

I can show people the place where joy resides.


I have the gift, the privilege to be able
to offer a way to feel tranquility, joy, peace.










It does not matter what you call it, it cannot be labeled.

Call it simple.

Simple is best.







All my life, I have been focused on presenting this possibility to people.

Knowledge provides answers that may not come from questions.

That is what makes it unique.