PRESS RELEASES / 2004 - July 12: Rome, Italy

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Prem Rawat Brings Message of Peace to Members of Italian Parliament

Rome, Italy, July 12. Responding to an invitation from current and former members of the Italian Parliament, Prem Rawat, also known as Maharaji, addressed a distinguished audience of senators, deputies, diplomats, and government officials on July 7 in the Conference Hall of the Italian Chamber of Deputies in Palazzo Marini.
He was introduced by President Colombo, former President of the European Parliament and former Prime Minister of Italy. President Colombo was also Finance Minister eleven times and Foreign Minister six times. He was one of the main negotiators for the Helsinki, Maastricht, and Camp David agreements.

President Colombo expressed that public servants seek to make this world a better place to live by setting better policies or alleviating injustices and by seeking to give everyone a chance to enjoy decent conditions in their life. He said there is one thing, however, that public servants cannot do, and that is to make people feel happy and at peace.

President Colombo, describing Prem Rawat’s visit as singular in nature and exceptional in purpose, said that his words provide an occasion for deep reflection, and that they deserve to be heard because they are an invitation to explore and manifest the values residing within us—treasures very often ignored or neglected.

The event in Rome concludes a highly successful tour of Europe during which more than 18,000 people came to hear Prem Rawat for inspiration and guidance. Between June 14 and July 6, he held events in Milano, Augsburg, Madrid, Barcelona, Birmingham, Dublin, and London.

Prem Rawat’s event in Barcelona on June 14 was promoted by the Universal Forum of Cultures, a global gathering in Barcelona aiming to help establish a culture of peace. The Forum, which lasts 141 days, is attended by many world leaders, and more than 5M visitors are expected. Dr. Pages, Chief Executive Officer of the Forum, introduced Prem Rawat and hailed his message of peace as “unique.”

In London, on July 4, speaking from a television studio, he answered live questions from people in 93 locations in 20 countries in Europe, North America, and South America. People were connected to the television studio via live satellite video feeds and were able to interact with him.

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