PRESS RELEASES / 2004 - Nov 8: New Delhi

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Maharaji's message hailed as “truly remarkable” by Deputy Director of IIT Delhi

New Delhi, November 8--Maharaji was invited by the National Resource Centre for Value Education in Engineering to address an audience of faculty, guests and students at the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi.

NRCVEE aims to integrate science, technology and human values in education so that the proper blend of knowledge and wisdom can be offered to students.

IIT Delhi is one of seven Institutes of Technology in India. Business Week calls IIT alumni the "hottest export from India."

IITs have produced the likes of Victor Menezes, vice-chairman of Citibank; Rajat Gupta, managing director of McKinsey; Vinod Khosla, General Partner at the leading Silicon Valley venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers; US Airways chief Rakesh Gangwal; Nandan Nilekani, CEO of Infosys; and many others.

Welcoming Maharaji, the head of the NRCVEE said: “It is befitting that Prem Rawat would be invited here to bring his unique perspective on peace. He says that it is possible to live a life fulfilled from within, regardless of one’s circumstances in life, and provides inspiration and guidance on this path. He has been invited to speak at some of the most prestigious forums. His message has received universal recognition, and yet it remains simple and accessible to people of all conditions and walks of life who seek to make inner peace and fulfillment a reality in their life.”

The Deputy Director of IIT later said, “After reading some articles and seeing some videos about Prem Rawat and his message, I observe that he brings a message that it is every individual’s birthright to experience peace in this lifetime. He asserts that, in addition to fulfilling our obligations to society, we need to fulfill our ultimate obligation, which is to ourselves and to finding fulfillment in this lifetime. This message is remarkable in that it does not put the responsibility for peace on institutions or on others, but on each individual. He has been providing inspiration and guidance on this topic for decades and has received much acclaim.”

The event at IIT Delhi marks the beginning of a tour of India. Maharaji will address audiences in nine cities throughout the subcontinent.