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The Prem Rawat Foundation Helps Rebuild Homes in Mexico

Cancun, Mexico — 19 July, 2006 — The Prem Rawat Foundation has donated construction materials to provide roofing for 400 homes in the Rancho Viejo region of Cancun that were devastated by Hurricane Wilma. When 25-foot waves from Hurricane Wilma washed over Cancun and destroyed the homes of thousands of villagers last year, The Prem Rawat Foundation purchased and distributed construction materials to Mayan villagers that enabled them to rebuild the roofs of 200 homes.

This second contribution brings the total assistance to 600 new roofs, helping more than 3,000 people recover from their hardships. To determine the extent of the damage and where the help was most needed, volunteers conducted a tour of the area and interviewed potential recipients. “It was a wonderful and inspiring effort, to once again have the opportunity to help,” said Michael Dorfman, the project manager and owner of a local art gallery. “It is so rewarding to be able to make a difference in so many people’s lives.” One recipient of the roofing materials, Armando Garcia España, a bricklayer’s assistant who lives with his wife and three children, expressed his gratitude: “After Hurricane Wilma, I was left without economic resources to be able to buy a new roof. This help comes at the perfect time for me and my family, especially since the rainy season has begun again.”

Mrs. Susana Ciau Manzano, another recipient who is a housewife and mother of three daughters, sat down in front of her house while waiting for the roofing materials to be delivered and wrote a thank you note to Prem Rawat for the help he has offered through his Foundation. “Sir, I don’t know you, but I think there are very few people like you. I am here waiting for your help, and the desire to write to you came, to thank you for all of the people who are benefiting from this help. I’d like to know you. You have a good heart. Thank you.” Another member of the volunteer project team and organizer of the distribution of the roofing materials,

Pedro de Leon, talked about how the Rancho Viejo area was chosen. “Mrs. Clara Guadalupe Rodriguez read the newspaper article about our first delivery in January and called our contact phone number. She was very enthusiastic about helping. She accompanied me around the neighborhood to collect the information from the recipients.” This project exemplifies the teamwork and partnership between The Prem Rawat Foundation, local volunteers, and people in need of assistance. The Prem Rawat Foundation furthers the message of peace of Prem Rawat, widely known by the honorary title of Maharaji, and supports significant humanitarian initiatives that improve the quality of life for people most in need around the world.

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