Everything that is happening
is taking place in this moment
called "now".

We believe in tomorrow.
We live for tomorrow.

But tomorrow never comes. Why?





Because whenever tomorrow decides to come, it becomes now. It becomes today.


However long we live, we will always be stuck in the "now".
We will never see tomorrow, and we will never see yesterday.
It's a physical impossibility.

We exist in this moment called "now", but we recognize it the least.

We have no idea where we are.




We can be very comfortable in the now if we don't try to paint tomorrow, and we don't try to paint yesterday.

Here in the now, life is dancing a beautiful dance - in awe of the magnificent, yet simple beauty of existence.


Maharaji (Prem Rawat)

When I was born, even though I hadn't yet been given a name, I was still alive. No one knew what to call me. There I was, and breath was coming into me. And in my own little way, I was welcoming it.




Now, here I am, and people
want to look at my accomplishments.
Well, there will always be someone who
will do something better than I do.





I am transient - not permanent.
But the permanent is within me,
as it is in everyone.


And in this journey, if I didn't get to see anything else
but the one that is within, I would be happy.
It would have been worth coming here.