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Prem Rawat - Maharaji
When you see a sunset, what do you see? What do you see? An orange ball? Do you look at the colors, and you go ... "beautiful colors..." ?

When you see a sunrise, what do you see? Well, let me tell you - next time you see a sunset, check this out... next time you see a sunset, look at the sunset. Look at the sunset, and then remember, you're alive, you exist. You.


There is no one like you on the face of this earth - only you.

Do you know, you could give your ideas to someone, you could give your jacket to someone, you could give your watch to someone ... you can never give your breath to another person.

You can never give this life to another person.

It's impossible to transplant that. It's unique. And every moment is unique.

Prem Rawat speaking at a recent event

And every day there will be a sunset, and every day there will be a sunrise ... at least around the equator. You get too far north - 6 months, nothing! Around the equator, there will be a sunrise, there will be a sunset.

And there will be people who will stand and admire the colors, and then there will be those people who will admire something else, because they can see a little bit beyond the sun; they can see a little bit beyond the color; they can see a little bit beyond the blue, they can see themselves.

They will see a forest, and they will see a little bit beyond the forest; they'll see themselves.

They'll know that that is a gift too, that they can witness that because they are alive.

And they will be thankful and they will allow their heart to filled with gratitude. GRATITUDE.
Thankfulness! Not obligatory thankfulness, but the thankfulness that comes from within you, that you are thankful. Gratitude.

Maharaji (Prem Rawat) speaks to live audiences at international events

To Know... not because somebody has whispered something in your ear, but you know.

To be thankful, not for the sunset, but for that breath that has allowed you to see the sunset.
Because, remember - there will be many many many sunsets even after you're gone. Many! And you won't see them.

There is something else going on that is allowing you to see the one that is taking place in front of you.