Live This Moment



I don't know how many times,
people have actually heard it said:

"life is a gift."

And yet, everything that we do,
everything that happens -
we don't always see it that way.


We hear that life is precious.
But in the daily routine of people, people, people everywhere;
in the daily routine of trying to cope ...
maybe we forget.






And every morning that alarm clock has to go off to wake us up.
And every morning, in our minds, our daily routine, going through:
we know, we know what's going to happen.

We know what we want to happen.
We know, "I must go to the bus stop.
I must get my car. I must go to my office,
I must go to my shop, I must go...."

And all these "musts" that we place in front of our existence....







night-biccycle rider

This River of existence...
and it's gliding by.

And there are people who've got
their hands in the water, and saying,
"faster, I need to go faster...."






Why are you speeding up?

Don't you know what's waiting for you at the end of this visit?
It's obvious.

But they want to accelerate it, and time will not let them accelerate.

Time is a wonderful thing.

It goes by really fast, it goes by really slow,
but it doesn't let you go faster than it, or slower than it.






You're caught;
caught on this little boat -
and it's sailing down...

It won't go any faster than it has to,
and it won't go any slower than it has to.

And it makes it's passage.

night-shadows of blue







The destination of this journey
is not at the end.

It's now. It's within.

The purpose of this journey is not to go
from point "A" to point "B",
but to enjoy every fractional moment
between those two points.






The simple innocence of life.

To wake up in the morning and be happy:
for absolutely no reason at all.
That's simple innocence.

To be alive and to be glad to be alive.



To be conscious; to be conscious of enjoyment.

To be conscious of "now".

That is when the journey begins to be beautiful.

That's when you begin to understand what simplicity is.







That's when you begin to understand
that this IS a gift. A gift!

Live this moment, every moment,
as consciously as you can.

And enjoy it.

The point of it is, to enjoy it.