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PREM RAWAT: The Candle Is Lit



In your darkest hour there is a candle, and the candle is lit. If you want proof, take a breath. There is your proof. The candle is lit, and even in your darkest hour, you do not need to experience the darkness.

Even in those moments where there is pain and suffering, there is a place inside of you that dances and expresses joy. In the middle of sadness, there is joy. How appropriate.


For a lot of people, the formula for bringing light into their lives is to remove the darkness. It doesn't work like that. You cannot take a bucketful of darkness and throw it out the window. Try the other way—just bring in the light, and the darkness will automatically leave.

In the middle of mayhem, in the middle of a fiasco, there is clarity. There is a rhythm that is so amazing, so sweet. Again and again it has knocked on your door and asked you to let it through.


In our adult lives, we get quite busy. What does "busy" really mean? While we are redefining things, let's redefine "busy." Being busy is another way of ignoring something. Sometimes we use those words when somebody asks us to do something we don't want to do. We say, "I am busy." True, you are busy, but doing what? You are busy ignoring that thirst, busy ignoring the call of this heart.


Liking joy is not something I learned from anybody. It is something my Creator placed so fundamentally within me, within you. Nobody taught me how to laugh, and nobody taught me how to fall in love with laughter.


There is something so fundamental inside of me that wants to be busy enjoying. The good news is I can be. A lot of people have the misconception that, if you want peace in your life, you have to hand over everything you have. You do not.


There is only one place left where you can have true peace, and it happens to be inside of you. That's the good news.

You don't have to give up anything.
All you have to do is turn within.


Prem Rawat has travelled the world since age 12, spreading the word about a simple peace that lies within the hearts of all human beings.  He was given the honorable title, "Maharaji" - meaning "Great Teacher",  for his work in helping people attain inner peace and joy in their lives. Prem Rawat currently travels the world non-stop, addressing audiences from a handful to a million in size, presenting to them the possibility of inner peace.
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